Plant Design & Combinations

Our Plantsman Manuel has his say on planting combinations:

The angel and the devil – Combining plants is not so obvious, you can combine them in color, texture in the foliage and shape of the flower, you can play with shades or work on contrasts, the important thing is to choose the suitable plants that can live together in harmony and have the same needs, that they get along well. Well in this case the candid white of the Anemone hupehensis fits with the flowering of an infernal red Crocosmia and its long, sharp leaves almost pierce the wide “wings” of the anemome as in a fight between angels and demons, in this case however the two sides get along in love and agreement without prevailing one over the other. Anyway, I’m on the side of the anemone.


Landscape Gardener, Plantsman and Garden Designer

japanese anemone and crocosmia plant combination

Planting Designs For Your Garden

How welcoming and friendly is your garden to local wildlife, insects and pollinators? Our plant designs are created bespoke to your lifestyle (busy or avid gardener) and garden conditions (full shade or full sun). Our planting borders and designs also bring an abundance of year-round colour, textures, fragrance and interest… all the while helping you to support your local ecosystem.

See some examples of our plant designs below:


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