Seating Areas

We provide patio and decking areas to customers looking at extending their living space into their garden.

Clear Your Head

A tranquil seating area in the garden can offer much more than somewhere to sit. It offers an area of your house to escape to and enjoy the fresh air, blue skies, and night-time stars.

Making Memories

A professionally installed patio or decked area can offer the ideal space for entertaining family and friends. Make the most of your summer by hosting the BBQ you always wanted or the social gatherings you never had room for before.

Work in the Great Outdoors

A new seating area you can enjoy when working from home. Make the most of the warmer months and enjoy the fresh air and blue skies whilst taking a call or finishing that report.

Built to Last

Following industry standards and requirements so our paved and decking areas stand the test of time. Customers can relax knowing that all our patios and decking areas are guaranteed for the first 12 months. Beyond the 12 months, we offer aftercare to keep your seating area in the best condition.

Look at some options we use for seating areas below:

decking with plants

Low-Level Decking

Decking offers a seamless transition from your indoor space to an outdoor oasis, where the gentle warmth of natural wood underfoot invites you to unwind. From cozy al fresco dinners to morning yoga sessions or a tranquil reading place, decking adapts effortlessly to your lifestyle. A range of different timber and stains avaliable to match your taste.

indian sandstone patio

Premium Indian Sandstone Paving

Transform your garden with the timeless charm of Riven Indian Sandstone Paving. Imagine a garden transformed into a work of art, where each stone tells a story of nature’s enduring beauty. The rugged, natural texture of Riven Indian Sandstone lends an authentic, earthy character to your outdoor space, creating an atmosphere that seamlessly blends the rustic with the refined.

This distinctive paving not only adds visual appeal but also serves as a durable foundation, withstanding the tests of time and weather. Its riven surface, shaped by the forces of nature, offers a tactile experience that connects you to the raw elegance of the earth.

Whether you’re strolling barefoot on a warm summer day or hosting gatherings under the stars, Riven Indian Sandstone Paving sets the stage for outdoor moments that are both stylish and enduring.

Manufactured paving

Paving Kit Installation

Manufactured Paving kits can come in a range of colours and sizes to suit any type of seating area. From a small circular historic, weathered look like above, to a smooth, modern slate finish – we can install and help choose the right paving to match your taste and garden.

circular paving and sandstone setts with planting scheme

Standard Textured Paving

Discover the practical allure of Standard Concrete Paving, a cost-effective solution that effortlessly transforms your garden into a space that marries simplicity with functionality, where clean lines and a neutral palette create a canvas for a seating area, utility pathway or shed base.

Standard Concrete Paving is not just a budget-friendly choice; it’s a practical foundation that stands the test of time. Its durable surface provides a low-maintenance solution, ensuring that your garden remains an inviting space without the hassle of constant upkeep. This straightforward paving option offers a clean and modern aesthetic without breaking the bank.

Get your seating area sorted for when the good weather arrives this Summer

From Vision to Reality: Your 7-Step Guide to Flawless Paving with Our Landscaping Experts

Step 1

Garden Assessment & Consultation

We provide a free telephone consultation service to listen and understand your requirements and ideas. From there we then visit you in person and provide a thorough assessment of the potential paved area. We discuss how the customer wants their patio to look, aiming to understand their preferences regarding slab types and any specific requirements. We then identify and discuss important considerations and issues such as drainage. This step is crucial for tailoring the paving project to meet the customer’s expectations.

Measuring paved area
excavation of paved area

Step 2

Excavation and Waste Disposal

Once price and paperwork is agreed and sorted, we will then arrive on the confirmed date. We start by marking out the area and then excavating the designated area down to solid ground, removing any existing material, and disposing of waste responsibly and in accordance with local regulations. This prepares the site for subsequent steps and ensures a stable foundation for the paving project. Also note that the minimum excavation depth according to UK regulations is 150mm or 6 inches below finished paving level. If the ground is excavated to this depth and is still soft, we then excavate deeper until solid ground is achieved. 

Step 3

Application of Non-Woven Migration Fabric

We then apply a non-woven migration fabric directlty on top of the excavated soil and area (see the white fabric at the sides of the stone in the picture on the right). This fabric helps water pass through the sub base stone into the ground below, without allowing the sub base stone to migrate into the soil over time. The fabric is a belt and braces step which enhances the overall stability of the paved surface over time. Ensuring proper installation of this fabric is essential for the long-term durability of the paved area.

non woven membrane
compaction of type 1 stone with a whacker plate

Step 4

Application of Type One MOT Road Stone

Type 1 (Ministry of Transport – MOT) road stone is then added on top of the fabric to a minimum depth of 100mm/ 4 inches. This MOT type 1 stone is a binding layer of stone which provides a solid sub base for the paving to be laid on. Without this the ground would naturally expand and contract with the change in weather and the paving would ultimately fail. The stone is compacted in layers with a mechanical whacker plate. This process creates a solid and level foundation for the paving. Adequate compaction is essential to ensure stability and prevent settling over time.

Step 5

Installation of Linear Drainage Channels and Slab Priming

Install any necessary linear drainage channels to address drainage concerns. Prime each slab to enhance adhesion and create a strong bond with the mortar. Lay the slabs on a full bed of mortar, ensuring precise placement according to the customer’s preferences.

installing slabs
finished paving

Step 6

Pressure Washing & Stain Removal

Once the mortar has dried, use a pressure washer to clean the slabs thoroughly. This step removes any stains or residue accumulated during the installation process. It contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the paved area and ensures a clean, finished look.

Step 7

Pointing, Cleaning & Waste Disposal

Complete the project by pointing the paved area and providing a polished appearance. Clean the surrounding garden area (in this case we applied fresh toposil and grass seed to blend the lawn into the new paved edge seamlessly) and dispose of any additional waste generated during the pointing process. Leave the customer with a professionally finished and clean outdoor space.

Finished rainwater border with plants established

View Some of Our Previous Paving Work

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See What Our Customers Say

Chris Thornhill
Chris Thornhill
Very good company. Turned up on time. Knowledgeable. Did a good job and cleared up well afterwards.
C Franks
C Franks
The Garden Rangers team were very helpful and friendly. They worked very efficiently, were knowledgable and explained clearly what was needed for my tree in terms of pruning and pest control. They were prompt, very tidy and took away all the trimmings. I am really impressed by their service and have used them several times. A very good gang......hardworking and good humoured😁👍
Steve Graham
Steve Graham
I have used GR's previously and been very happy. AS usual Jonathan turned up and gave me a quote as requested. The work was done promptly and to a high standard with the area left waste free and tidy. GR have done work on another property for me as well. This year Jonathan admitted that it was hardly worth employing them for this job as my tenant had done some work herself. Honesty like this is rare. Thank you to the team for doing a an excellent job. Steve
Stephanie Benn
Stephanie Benn
Fantastic service. Thank you for all your hard work!
Sean Hather
Sean Hather
Jonathan and his team Steve and Manuel, were great- friendly and worked non stop, Jonathan kept in touch with us throughout the viewing quotation process and then during the works. It’s 3rd time we’ve used Garden Rangers and we are very happy
Tina Shardlow
Tina Shardlow
Great job by Jonathan and his team: Efficient contact, getting back to me and keeping me informed. Very Knowledgeable Garden looked excellent - they achieved everything I expected and more and I have already booked for next Spring
Kay Jeffries
Kay Jeffries
The team did an excellent job of clearing my very overgrown garden, removing and replacing a rather grim border with shiny new slate, shaping trees and weeding a range of potted plants. They worked hard to complete the tasks in just one day and it's now a pleasure to spend time once again in my garden. I will definitely call on them again in the future for other garden based projects. Thank you!
Henrietta Parks
Henrietta Parks
I moved into a new house and needed the front and rear gardens redesigning. The Garden Rangers team have been absolutely brilliant from start to finish. They listened to what I wanted, came up with some good ideas to complement what I was hoping for and have executed the work to the highest standard and I am absolutely thrilled with my garden. I will definitely use them again for any future work and I highly recommend this company. Brilliant work and a fabulous team.
Our garden had lapsed into a bit of a mess with rambling long hedges and overgrown wild bits, but Jonathan, who's got a first class honours degree in psychology, but prefers the outside - and his team have done an absolutely fantastic job. Friendly, knowledgeable, hard working, and enthusiastic. They are now going to look after us for years to come.
Nick Parks
Nick Parks
Highly recommended. Jonathan and his team gave us a detailed quote and a good price. They did the work on time and exactly as required. They go beyond to be helpful. We'll use their services again, very pleased.

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Let’s help you conquer your garden in 2024. Don’t let another year pass by without taking action – give yourself and your family the garden they deserve. A well landscaped garden opens your living space to an outdoor area to relax and enjoy.

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We provide domestic boundary fencing solutions – materials supplied, fencing installed, and waste disposed of. All fencing fitted to manufacturer and industry standards to make sure you get the best value, and your new fence stands the test of time.

Seating Areas

We lay small paved patio and pathway areas from Indian Sandstone to Decorative Concrete to Porcelain. A professionally installed patio can offer the ideal space for a seating area, perfect for entertaining family and friends. 

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Spending too long manually trimming the edge of the lawn after each mowing session? Keep your lawn edges looking perfect, clear, and defined all growing season, with our permanent long lasting edging solutions.

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If you have an area in your garden that you want turfing or re-turfing, we can help! Offering advice and solutions to overcome an unsightly lawn. The Grass is Greener on the other side – Let’s help get you there!

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Raised planting borders can be a great way to add colour to an area you want to see from a window, or further down the garden. A raised border planted up with a range of perennials can be an eye-catching feature to be admired in any garden.