About Us

Welcome to The Garden Rangers Limited – Derby’s Premier Choice for Premium Garden Maintenance and Soft Landscaping Services!

Are you looking for a gardening service that goes beyond the basics, ensuring thorough pruning, hedge trimming, and meticulous care for every aspect of your larger-sized garden?


Do you value the expertise of knowledgeable horticultural staff who understand the unique needs of different plants in your garden and can provide specialized care to maintain their health and beauty?


Are you tired of one-size-fits-all maintenance services and seeking a team of gardeners that appreciates the nuances of your established garden, ensuring each visit is tailored to its specific requirements?


Do you desire a premium maintenance service that not only promises skilled workmanship but also demonstrates a deep understanding of your garden's ecosystem, allowing plants to flourish and bloom at their best?

We surpass the ordinary “mow and go” or “quick trim” approach. Our commitment involves in-depth conversations with our customers, dedicating time to comprehend the ultimate vision for their garden. We strive to understand how they want their garden to look, identify the necessary steps to achieve that vision, and then craft a customized plan tailored exclusively for their unique outdoor space.

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Discover The Potential in your Garden

Why Choose The Garden Rangers Limited?

Established in 2015, The Garden Rangers team have been transforming larger-sized gardens into picturesque havens for the past 9 years. 

Here’s why you should make us your top choice:

Proven Excellence in Customer Service

A proven track record of offering consistent high levels of customer service over the last 9 years (Just check our Reviews Page by Clicking Here). You want a company that will turn up on time, offer value for money, and do a thorough, high-quality job that demonstrates skilled workmanship.

All-Inclusive Garden Care

We specialize in comprehensive garden services for larger gardens maintaining shrubs, hedges, ornamental trees, perennials and borders. Many clients with expansive gardens face challenges in finding a dedicated team that ensures meticulous care of all areas of their outdoor space. Unlike a “Strim, mow and go” service, our maintenance service guarantees expertise and a commitment to maintaining every aspect of your garden.

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Fantastic Aftercare & Support

Offering bespoke ongoing maintenance tailored to your garden. If you have any questions that need answering once we are finished at your property – we are a phone call, text, or email away

Peace of Mind

A business you can trust in your home – we are a UK registered company, VAT registered business, insured and long-standing members of professional organisations such as The Association of Horticulture and Derbyshire Trusted Trader (operated by Trading Standards). So, you can rest assured that the work is being carried out by a professional, legitimate, established business that has undergone checks to ensure you are in the best hands when using us for your property.

Wildlife & Plant Advocates

We champion the use of perennials, shrubs and trees in all gardens, promoting gardens that welcome wildlife, insect life and benefit our ecosystem.

Proud Members Of:

We are proud members of Derbyshire Trusted Trader (Trading Standards), and the Chartered Institute of Horticulture. 

The Chartered Institute of Horticulture serves as an authoritative body, engaging in consultations with the government and other policy-making entities concerning issues relevant to professional horticulturists. Additionally, the organization bestows recognition upon horticulturists who are professionally qualified and experienced. Our attainment of Membership status with the institute is a result of undergoing requisite checks, affirming our wealth of experience in the field. You can view more about the organisation by Clicking Here.

Derbyshire Trusted Trader is a program designed to provide customers in Derbyshire with confidence when choosing businesses who are trusted trader members. When investing in your outdoor space as a customer, having assurance about whom to trust for the completion of work on your property is crucial. To maintain membership in the scheme, businesses undergo an extensive list of ongoing checks, encompassing various criteria. The list of checks can be viewed by Clicking Here.

About Our Garden Maintenance Services

Customers love to use our hassle-free service as we have the professional tools, experience and plant knowledge to provide year-round maintenance to every part of their grounds or garden. Click below for more information.

About Our Garden Maintenance Packages

What makes us different from many other gardeners is our dedication to offering the whole package to customers and maintaining every aspect of your garden. Click below to learn more and book your no obligation telephone consultation.

Plant, Shrub & Perennial Pruning

Our team give your plants the time and thought needed to be pruned properly and promote healthy future growth, facilitate flowering and keep your plants compact and manageable. Click below for further details.

Garden Restoration & Clearance

The Garden Rangers team will take the time to prune and restore shrubs and plants and weed and clear around them to restore your garden back to its former glory. Click below for further details or to book your no obligation phone consultation.

Our team takes the stress of completely maintaining every part of your garden – so that you can enjoy your garden on the weekends and not the chores of working on it!