Our Garden Maintenance Solutions & Packages

Your time is valuable – so spend your weekends enjoying your garden, not working on it! Our team care and tend to every perennial, shrub, ornamental tree, hedge, and border in your garden. Rest assured – no stone is left unturned, we strive for thoroughness and perfection and developing a garden your neighbours, friends and family will look at in awe

Our garden maintenance solutions aim to give you more free time and a perfect garden to relax and enjoy. Customers love to use our hassle-free service as we have the professional tools, experience and plant knowledge to provide year-round maintenance to every part of their grounds or garden.

If one of the following describes you then it is worth booking a free, no obligation telephone consultation with us to see how we can help:

Garden Maintenance Lupins Salvia

Are you struggling to find time to keep on top of pruning your mature trees, shrubs, and perennials?


Are you embarrassed or conscious of what people and neighbours think as your garden is slowly becoming overgrown and out of control?


Do you find it a daunting task to find and trust a gardener to know what plants to prune, when to prune, how to prune in the right way without damaging your plants and sacrificing flowering?


Does your garden have huge potential, but you find yourself spending more time maintaining it rather than enjoying it…


Do you dream of having guests round for summer parties but always too busy to get the garden looking perfect in between your busy work schedule?


Are you struggling to find a team of gardeners that will offer a comprehensive service and manicure every part of your outdoor space: from weeding and hoeing borders, pruning perennials and shrubs, trimming hedges, edging lawns etc.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions – our bespoke garden maintenance solutions tailored to your garden can help.

Our Step by Step Process Involves:

1 Telephone Consultation Alliums
2 Site Survey
3 Full Written Proposal Echinops perennial
4 Professional Implementation Galanthus Snow drops
5 Aftercare Plan White Cosmos Blue Sky
6 The Garden Rangers Promise Lavender

Our team of experienced gardeners will commence work on the agreed date. You will now be well on your way to more free time, enjoying your garden at the weekends and leaving the hard work to us.

Let’s guide you to a finely manicured outdoor space – Click below to call or organise your free consultation.

Jonathan Gregory

BSc (Hons), ACI HORT, Founder and director of The Garden Rangers Limited

How do we transform your garden with our Premium Maintenance Service?

Transform your garden into a flourishing paradise with our comprehensive Garden Maintenance Service! We follow a meticulous seven-step process to ensure your green space is left immaculate, vibrant, and ready to bloom. 

Step 1

Consultation & Assessment

Our journey begins with a detailed assessment of your garden. We identify what needs attention and tailor our approach to suit your garden’s unique requirements. Understanding your vision helps us craft a customized plan for maximum impact. Price and paperwork is sorted and a date is scheduled.

garden assessment
lawn strimming and edging

Step 2

Precision & Strimming

We start the process when we arrive with edging. Say goodbye to unruly lawns invading borders! We skillfully strim and edge to give your garden lawn a neat and manicured look. Our precision work sets the stage for a stunning transformation.

Step 3

Hedge & Shrub Elegance 

We take pride in sculpting and shaping nature’s greenery. Our team trims all boundary and internal hedges and all small, medium to large-sized shrubs with finesse, creating a symphony of shapes and heights that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

hedge trimming

Step 4

Pruning Excellence and Topiary Tactics

Careful pruning is an art and a science. Informed and careful, our pruning process is an art form. From ornamental shrubs to perennials and trees, we ensure each cut is purposeful. Topiary enthusiasts, rejoice – we craft your greenery with precision.

Step 5

Weed out Unwanted Guests

Borders are weeded with utmost care, eliminating unwanted intruders, and facilitating native wildflowers. Fallen debris is collected, and borders are hoed over to uncompact the soil, fostering a healthier and more resilient garden. We can advise for soil treatment at this stage by mulching beds to supress weeds and add nutrients to nurture soil structure. The right soil structure for the right plants will mean increased flowering blooms and growth from your bulbs, perennials, shrubs and trees. 

planted flower border weeding
blower garden

Step 6

Lawn Mowing & Final Tidy

Watch as the final leaves and debris are collected. Your lawn transform is mown providing a lushious, green, even surface. The final blowing down of pathways leaves your garden looking impeccable, ready to enjoy and relax in.

Step 7

Customer Debrief and Responsible Disposal

Your satisfaction matters. We debrief you on the day’s work, ensuring every detail meets your expectations and recommendations for future development in your garden. As a part of our commitment to the environment, we responsibly dispose of green waste at a licensed waste biomass centre, where the waste is burnt to generate heat and power. Leaving you with a guilt-free garden experience.

garden waste disposal

Garden Maintenance Packages



Flexible options from annual, bi-annual, tri-annual or monthly visits to keep on top of your garden depending on what you want to invest in your outdoor space. All visit prices from January 2024 start at £350.00 (Incl. VAT) upwards depending on garden size, what is required and whether waste is required to be taken offsite.


Maintenance of all aspects of your garden - from trimming hedges, pruning all shrubs when required, mowing, strimming, and edging lawns, pruning, and tying in climber plants, weeding, and hoeing borders, pruning fruit and ornamental trees, keeping paved areas clear of weeds, disposing of all green waste afterwards.


An experienced, knowledgeable team, with the required professional equipment, that will cover manicuring every corner of your garden – on every visit – to make sure everywhere is maintained and kept on top of. Pruning of all plants with the purpose to facilitate future healthy growth, flowering, and development.


All green waste removed off site on every visit and everywhere left pristine for you to come home and enjoy your garden


No instruction or guidance needed. Leave your plants and shrubs on expert hands and we will do the rest – taking the stress of looking after your outdoor area off your shoulders

Having a large garden doesn’t have to be hard work or difficult. What makes us different from many other gardeners is our dedication to offering the whole package to customers and maintaining every aspect of your garden.

Well maintained cottage garden garden maintenance

Our Garden Maintenance Packages

Full list of services included in our garden maintenance packages. We offer a comprehensive range of garden services:

The Garden Rangers Limited Premium Maintenance Service


Strimming, mowing & edging lawns


Pathways cleared & swept (leaves cleared in Autumn)


Disposal of green waste to a licensed waste centre 


Maintenance of taller hedges, shrubs and trees up to 6 metres on an annual or biannual basis


Own specialised commercial maintenance tools and equipment (to ensure a professional & perfect job & safety of staff, especially when working at heights)


Experienced, trained & knowledgeable staff


Public liability insurance to cover for accidental damage to your property


Identifying existing plants and wildflowers to preserve whilst hand weeding borders


Different shrubs and perennials pruned at the right time of year to promote flowering


Shrubs and ornamental trees pruned at the right time of year to enhance future structure and promote healthy growth


Borders hoed over to help prevent future weed development between existing perennials & shrubs


Tying in climbers and pruning climber plants


Moving and re-structuring of borders at the right time of year


Advice on further development on planting and landscaping of garden


Options to bark or mulch borders to feed plants and suppress weeds


Topiary of shrubs – Buxus, Ilex crenata, Lonicera nitida


Flexible Arrangements for ongoing aftercare to maintain your entire garden from monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annual visits depending on budget


Alerts and subsequent treatment of shrubs and plants for pests and diseases


Fencing, paving and other landscape repairs

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About Our Garden Maintenance Services

Customers love to use our hassle-free service as we have the professional tools, experience and plant knowledge to provide year-round maintenance to every part of their grounds or garden. Click below for more information.

About Our Garden Maintenance Packages

What makes us different from many other gardeners is our dedication to offering the whole package to customers and maintaining every aspect of your garden. Click below to learn more and book your no obligation telephone consultation.

Plant, Shrub & Perennial Pruning

Our team give your plants the time and thought needed to be pruned properly and promote healthy future growth, facilitate flowering and keep your plants compact and manageable. Click below for further details.

Garden Restoration & Clearance

The Garden Rangers team will take the time to prune and restore shrubs and plants and weed and clear around them to restore your garden back to its former glory. Click below for further details or to book your no obligation phone consultation.