Autumn - Should I collect leaves in Autumn?

Our Plantsman Manuel has a quick explanation on his thoughts on clearing leaves from your garden:

To collect the leaves or not, is it worth it? Collecting leaves in the garden or letting time make them disappear? I’m in the middle, if we want our lawn to be perfect even in winter then let’s collect them but not for waste! We should avoid throwing leaves in the bin and instead accumulate them as mulch in the flower beds or let them decompose and use them as natural fertilizer avoiding the use of synthetic ones. The leaves are a priceless treasure, precious minerals accumulated by the plant are at our disposal. Leaves are the ideal habitat for many living beings at the basis of the relationship between plant and soil. They lighten heavy soils and help sandy soils retain moisture. We collect those on the sidewalks and patios, otherwise you risk ending up upside down, in the lawn it is at your discretion, in the flower beds there is no need at all.


Landscape Gardener, Plantsman and Garden Designer

So overall

– Leaves contain a lot of nutrients and minerals to help condition and improve soil – giving plants a better start in the next growing season

– Leaves can act as a mulch to protect plants and perennials over the cold of the winter

– Leaves can help wildlife keep warm over winter


– Too many leaves can impact the health of lawns. Too little light over winter will kill the lawn if there is a heavy covering of leaves for too long

– Leaves on patios and pathways can look a mess, but also be dangerous for foot traffic


Autumn – A Great Time for Pruning! 

As perennials, shrubs and trees begin to slow down growth wise, now is a great time to get much needed pruning, trimming and weeding done – there is plenty of time to put your feet up in the coming months!- but whilst the weather is still fair, get your garden back in order – you will reap the benefits come Spring. If you need help with your last garden tidy up before winter sets in, our team works right up until December.

Follow the link to discuss how we can help with your garden:
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