Stanley Planting – June 2022


Garden border cleared, weeded manually, rotovated and designed and then installed – hardwood chip path laid. Customer wanted to follow the rest of the plant design themselves as a project.


Stanley Common – Derbyshire


Hardwood chip, Sorbus ‘Leonard Messel’, Pennisetum ‘Alopecruoides Hameln’, Miscanthus sinensis ‘Kleine Silberspinne’

Returning to a border we cleared and then designed in Stanley Common today. We installed a hardwood chip path to grids which indicated where the path and architectural plants such as #pennisetumalopecuroides #miscanthussinensis went. The customer is now looking forward to taking great enjoyment following the design and planting the rest of the border herself. A Sorbus was added to the centre of the border to add interest with the bright pink berries in winter.

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