Oakwood Planting – October 2021


Garden borders cleared, designed and then planting installed & paving border edging installed with a new lawn


Oakwood – Derbyshire


Charcoal paving blocks, planting design (with plants supplied by us), Jubilee Grade Premium Turf

The customer had recently moved to this property in Oakwood and wanted the lawn area to be more interesting and eye catching for the hundreds of residents that passed this border daily to get in and out of the estate. We designed a the borders along the roadside with a charcoal border edging for easy mowing, then installed a new lawn, and finally installed planting borders along the roadside edge, along the front of the house and around the large oak tree. New jubilee turf was installed after levelling out the old unlevel lawn. Over 10 tonnes of old soil disposed off and 15 tonne of fresh screened topsoil added before laying a high quality grade turf supplied by Harrowden Turf Ltd

Border designed by our in house designer, and then supplying the plants and installing the border of plants to finish this front garden.

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