Portfolio – Garden Maintenance Album – 2019 – 2023

We help customers maintain their outdoor space and give them their time back – so you can enjoy your summer weekends relaxing in your garden, rather than working in it.
Our garden maintenance services are aimed at customers who require a team of gardeners with the tools, expertise, and plant knowledge to provide maintenance to their large garden or grounds.
Our specialised team are trained and experienced in maintaining, developing and caring for established gardens across Derby. Often it is not just about trimming and pruning everything in sight, but knowing what to trim when, what not to trim or prune and knowing perennials from what a particular customer considers a weed.
Leave your garden in expert hands, worry free, hassle free with The Garden Rangers Team.

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About Our Garden Maintenance Services

Customers love to use our hassle-free service as we have the professional tools, experience and plant knowledge to provide year-round maintenance to every part of their grounds or garden. So you have the time to enjoy your garden.

About Our Garden Design Services

Our garden design service gives you the clarity you need on what type of garden is best for you, how you want it to look, the work involved, and the investment required. It’s the first step to helping you transform your outdoor area.

About Our Landscaping Services

Let’s help you conquer your garden in 2023. Don’t let another year pass by without taking action – give yourself and your family the garden they deserve. A well landscaped garden opens your living space to an outdoor area to relax and enjoy.