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Premium Garden Maintenance Services

Our Services are aimed at customers who require a team of gardeners with the tools, expertise and plant knowledge to provide year round maintenance to their large garden or grounds. If you are struggling to find a team of experienced gardeners that will offer a comprehensive service and manicure every part of your outdoor space: from weeding, hoeing borders, pruning perennials and shrubs and trimming hedges, edging lawns and disposing of the green waste after - you are in very good hands using The Garden Rangers Team.


Premium Garden Maintenance

For the discerning customers who require gardeners with the tools, expertise and plant knowledge to provide year round maintenance to their large grounds or garden.

❓ Are you struggling to find time to keep on top of pruning your mature trees, shrubs and perennials?

❓ Do you find it a daunting task to find and trust a gardener to know what plants to prune, when to prune, how to prune in the right way without damaging your plants and sacrificing flowering?

❓ Does your garden have huge potential but you find yourself spending more time maintaining it rather than enjoying it…

❓ Do you dream of having guests round for summer parties but always too busy to get the garden looking perfect in between your busy work schedule?

❓ Are you struggling to find a team of gardeners that will offer a comprehensive service and manicure every part of your outdoor space: from weeding and hoeing borders, pruning perennials and shrubs, trimming hedges, edging lawns etc.

🏡 We Offer flexible solutions from: annual or bi-annual or 3-4 weekly visits to keep on top of everything from trimming hedges, pruning all shrubs when required, mowing, Strimming and edging lawns, tying in climber plants, weeding and hoeing borders, pruning fruit and ornamental trees, keeping paved areas clear of weeds, disposing of all green waste afterwards

🏡 Experienced team that will cover manicuring every corner of your garden – on every visit – to make sure everywhere is maintained and kept on top of

🏡 All green waste removed off site on every visit and everywhere left pristine for you to come home and enjoy your garden

🏡 No instruction or guidance needed. Leave your plants and shrubs on expert hands and we will do the rest – taking the stress of looking after your outdoor area off your shoulders

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Commercial Grounds Maintenance

❌ Don’t let unsightly overgrown shrubs, borders, weed filled paved and gravel areas and unkept lawns destroy your businesses image to potential customers
✔️ First impressions count and having grounds that are expertly manicured can give you the best start to attracting those high value clients
✔️ Don’t let loud petrol tools, or having to move vehicles in your car park disturb your day – we offer out of hours visits (morning or weekends) to maintain your grounds when staff are off site
✔️ We offer flexible visits from annual, bi annual or 3-4 weekly visits depending on your allocated budget
✔️ Every corner of your grounds covered from pruning and trimming shrubs, weeding and hoeing borders and gravel areas, Strimming and mowing lawns, making sure paths are free of debis and leaves
✔️ Leave the waste disposal to our team. All green waste taken off site every visit. Offering a complete service so you can worry about the elements in your business that matter
✔️ We use professional digital invoicing software that means a full VAT receipt is sent on completion of each visit. So no chasing receipts to claim back on your expenses

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Premium Garden Restoration

❓ Has time-consuming life and work commitments left your garden to become overgrown from the once perfectly manicured space it once was?

❓ Have you recently moved to a property that has a variety of mature shrubs and plants and has been left to become overgrown?

❓ Do you not have the time, man power, equipment or means to get rid of the huge amount of green waste to be able to do an initial clearance of your garden?

❓ Is it important that you find a team of gardeners that you can trust to spend the extra time being careful to preserve mature shrubs and plants in between the overgrowth?

🌷 We offer a thorough, service that identifies plants and shrubs that can be kept between the brambles, nettles and invasive weeds. Our team will take the time to prune and restore shrubs and plants and weed and clear around them to restore your garden back to its former glory
🌷 Forking out weed roots and taking out brambles roots is often the hardest but most important part of a clearance. Our clearances can involve to go through border by border clearing the roots to give you the best start to maintaining your grounds or garden. Ensuring that once cleared the overgrowth does not rush back into full growth to overwhelm you in the future
🌷 We offer a regular maintenance service or landscaping solutions to keep on top of your garden once cleared. Whether it’s rotovating and planting borders up to populate and create less room for weeds. Or to pave or gravel the area
🌷 All waste will be removed from site once finished

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Tree, Climber & Hedge Pruning & Reduction

❓ Have your trees, climbers and hedges in your garden exploded with growth over the last few seasons and now taking over the garden?

❓ Are the branches reaching new concerning heights or encroaching on nearby garden footpaths or beginning to intimidate the neighbours!

❓ Are you concerned with the amount of waste that will be created by pruning the trees/ hedges? …. or even if you did hire someone – will the pruning of your cherished trees or hedges be done correctly?

✔️✔️ We offer a complete service to cover all of the above issues:

🌳 Expert, knowledgeable staff that will prune the particular tree/ hedge/ climber to promote future healthy growth, flowering and development, whilst keeping the plant more compact and manageable

🌳 A quote that covers our staff to take the time needed to strategically prune (and not rush) work on your trees and hedge. A careful, measured approach, especially to tree pruning is always required

🌳 Equipment such as chainsaws, long reach pole trimmers, scaffold towers to help us reach the trees, climbers and hedges safely and conduct a thorough job

🌳 All green waste removed from site and the garden left clean and tidy

🌳 Trees and hedges can offer depth and privacy to a garden from surrounding public footpaths, neighbours looking in and nearby roads. They offer a shelter for nesting wildlife and we widely encourage that where possible all trees and hedges are pruned before considering removing them.

🌳 Please note we do not provide tree pruning and reduction for heights over around 4 metres.

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Painting & Staining Service

❓ Are your panels looking warped by the sun or beginning to show signs of wear?

❓ Do you hate to even think about tediously spending a good summers weekend painting? … when you can be out enjoying the sunshine 🌞🌞!

❓ Do you not have the time to paint… or maybe when you do find time the weather is too wet 🌧️🌧️ to even think about painting?

🎨🖌️ Well, if you need your decking, fences, garden furniture or shed staining or painting we can help👷👷👷. Protecting your outdoor wood work is vital to prevent rot and decay, insect attack and damage from the extreme changing temperatures and UV rays in the summer months.

🎨🖌️ Painting your fences can add years to the life of your panels not to mention brightening up the whole garden with a fresh new colour.

🎨🖌️ We can work around the weather and schedule the team to get the fences painted in dry weather

🎨🖌️ All organising of materials and cleaning down done our side – to take the stress off your shoulders of looking round DIY stores trying to source the right paint and brushes

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Garden Clearances

No matter how much of a jungle your garden may seem – we can offer the experience, manpower and waste removal element to take your garden back to its former glory or a blank canvas. We can clear large amounts of ivy, brambles, trees, tree stumps and if required carry out soil and concrete removal.

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Gate & Fence Repair/ Replacement

We replace all types of gates and fencing.

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Mulching & Garden Border Soil Management

We offer solutions such as mulching, solutions to improve soil structure ready for planting or to keep weeds at bay.

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