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Passionate About Plants & A One Stop Solution For Your Planting Needs

Are you feeling overwhelmed with planting up your garden this season? Are you looking for season round interest, colour, fragrance, texture and impact from your garden? Plants can have a massive effect on adding depth and curiosity to your garden to complement hard landscaping features. Many of our customers struggle to find time to maintain their garden, let alone find time to research appropriate plants for their garden, design a combination of plants, source the plants from multiple suppliers, inspect the health of delivered plants and then prepare the borders and plant up! The ideal conditions of Spring and Summer pass by and it becomes a lost opportunity of never getting round to seeing the amazing difference plants can make to your outdoor living area.


Why Choose The Garden Rangers To Design My Garden Borders?

  • One Stop Service - We offer a one stop service to design, supply, prepare and plant your borders with a quick turnaround.
  • Experienced, Knowledgeable Designer - We have an in-house plantsman and garden designer that will work on your planting border design and discuss your requirements. This will range from wanting a low maintenance plant border, requiring plants of a certain established size, or preferred colours.
  • Sourcing Plants - Many customers have paid for border/ landscape designs elsewhere - but then struggle to source the plants. Plants will be for year round interest and specific species (smaller/ larger/ different coloured flowers) - plants out of season or a certain species will not be readily available from local nurseries or online (let alone all plants available from one single supplier). All of our plants are sourced from a single supplier so  all plants on the design can be sourced or easily substituted with similar varieties.
  • Aftercare Service - We give customers the information they need to maintain the borders once we have finished. We check up on our planting after completion to check to progress and health of plants and also offer a maintenance service to keep on top of pruning and strategic weeding between young plants.
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How does The Garden Rangers Design Service work?


We provide a consultation service (digital or on-site) and listen to your requirements and ideas on plants, take the border measurements and combine this with our own professional and artistic insights. We will then provide a final, fixed price to design your garden borders, supply the plants, prepa

Planting Design

The next step is the design and arrangement of plants that will enrich your garden with colours, scents, textures and sensations. Expert planning allows us to: make sure you have a range of plants that flower throughout the year, pick the best-suited plants for your space, soil and light conditions.

Digital Presentation of Design

Our digital design service generates diagrams and pictures of how your garden will look once planted up and established. Customers can choose from a numbered diagram of what plants will grow where in the border, or a more premium option of 3D Rendered views of your garden once established.  

Plant Supply & Installation

Once the plants have been ordered and then delivered through our supplier, we will check the health of the plant and quantities. We will organise a date then to deliver and install to your property. We can then offer to maintain the borders until established or supply aftercare information. click here


We can provide maintenance to ensure that your garden gets the proper care and attention it needs. See our maintenance page for more info

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