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Tree, Climber & Hedge Pruning & Reduction

❓ Have your trees, climbers and hedges in your garden exploded with growth over the last few seasons and now taking over the garden?

❓ Are the branches reaching new concerning heights or encroaching on nearby garden footpaths or beginning to intimidate the neighbours!

❓ Are you concerned with the amount of waste that will be created by pruning the trees/ hedges? …. or even if you did hire someone – will the pruning of your cherished trees or hedges be done correctly?

✔️✔️ We offer a complete service to cover all of the above issues:

🌳 Expert, knowledgeable staff that will prune the particular tree/ hedge/ climber to promote future healthy growth, flowering and development, whilst keeping the plant more compact and manageable

🌳 A quote that covers our staff to take the time needed to strategically prune (and not rush) work on your trees and hedge. A careful, measured approach, especially to tree pruning is always required

🌳 Equipment such as chainsaws, long reach pole trimmers, scaffold towers to help us reach the trees, climbers and hedges safely and conduct a thorough job

🌳 All green waste removed from site and the garden left clean and tidy

🌳 Trees and hedges can offer depth and privacy to a garden from surrounding public footpaths, neighbours looking in and nearby roads. They offer a shelter for nesting wildlife and we widely encourage that where possible all trees and hedges are pruned before considering removing them.

🌳 Please note we do not provide tree pruning and reduction for heights over around 4 metres.

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