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The Ghost Bramble

Posted by Manuel Cover on December 18, 2021

The ghost bramble – The winter colors are as fascinating as those of the summer. The neutral white color has the ability not only to match with all colors to stand out and illuminate shady spaces and to blend the other shades that surround it with a slight contrast. We all know the bark of some birches, B. utilis above all, white candid, but it is not the only one to have the appropriate monopoly of white bark, there are other small trees and shrubs with this characteristic. Here comes one of the most feared “antagonists” of gardeners, the bramble. However, we are talking about brambles that are unique for their particularity, the species of Rubus: R. cockburnianus, R. thibetanus and R. biflorus are ornamental brambles that in winter show their characteristic of having long and disheveled white stems, while in summer they differ. for colors and shapes of foliage and fruit. They intertwine perfectly with the barks of the Cornus and the Salix. They create an unusual visual barrier and armored with thorns, we remember that we are always talking about brambles.


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