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Spring Tidy Kirk Hallam

Posted by Jonathan Gregory on March 12, 2019

Small tidy up today, mowing and edging lawns, weeding and re-planting a Skimmia (see below) that had outgrown its pot into the border.




We also tidied up the front garden which had a notable vibrant display of Euphorbia. Euphorbia is a genus of plants that covers over 2,000 different varieties in a number of shapes, colours and sizes. This variety is a perennial that needs cutting back at the end of each season before the first frosts. To create a longer lasting display of flowers, you can cut flowering stems down to the ground and this will make room for new shoots and also stop the spread of seeds in the border.  It should be noted that gloves should be worn because the milky sap that results from cutting the stems is poisonous and an irritant to the skin and eyes. Euphorbia should therefore be planted cautiously considering whether children or pets will be roaming the garden.


Overall, Euphorbia and its many varieties are used widely across gardens in the UK due to their vibrant colours and unique/ different floral  displays. The majority of Euphorbia varieties prefer sunny positions and do not do well in the shade  – with full sun leading to a more vibrant display of colours. Euphorbia is also not fussy about what soil they are planted in, whether average or sandy soil – they soil just needs to be well-drained which matches their native desert type habitats.



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