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Garden Jobs for March

Posted by Manuel Cover on March 16, 2019

Feed your garden

Above shows two Photinia dome shaped trees at one of our regular garden tidys

Spring is coming, March is the month of garden cleaning and preparation. If the temperatures allow – winter coverings that protect certain plants from winter frosts should be removed, taking care also to clean them from the dry leaves and from ruined branches. The areas around the shrubs and trees should be cleaned – removing dry leaves and weeds and spreading small amounts of organic fertilizer. A light hoeing will bury the nourishment and allow it to reach the roots of the plants quicker.

Pruning time

Above shows a flowering Forsythia at one of our regular garden tidys

To obtain a balanced development of our plants during these weeks we will have to prune most of them; we exclude only spring-flowering shrubs, for which we need to wait for the complete withering of the flowers to prune the damaged or weak branches.

Fruit-bearing plants, summer-flowering shrubs, hedges, roses must now be pruned to encourage the development of new vigorous shoots.

March is also the time to plant certain Spring, Summer and Autumn flowering bulbs, but only if the frosts are beginning to subside.

We can also plant shrubs, fruit trees and roses, both bare and in pots and additionally review some areas of the garden, moving some plants before the growing season properly sets in.


Finishing a large scarify and lawn treatment last week in Castle Donington

March and April are ideal months for sowing seeds ready for a new lawn or lawn repair. Remember to spread organic fertilizer or a slow release fertilizer on the ground, and to work the substratum thoroughly, to allow a perfect rooting of the young seedlings.

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