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February 2019 Gardening Tasks

Posted by Manuel Cover on March 09, 2019

Get ready


Spring is pressing and most plants are awakening from the cold and grey winter; so we will have to make them pleasantly awake.

The first thing to do with regards to the work of the month consists in a deep cleaning of the garden: we remove dead leaves and vegetation, old mulch and the branches that the bad weather has broken.


Pruning time

February is the month of pruning, especially for roses, hedges and some species of flowering plants; remember that it is not good to randomly prune flowering plants: those that bloom at the end of winter (like Forsythia) produce the flowers on the branches of the previous year, so if we can now, almost certainly we will remove all or most of the flower buds, making the flowering insignificant and scarce; so let’s wait for them to have bloomed.

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